Are big wheels as good as they look?

2018-09-13 17:15

Everybody is good! Today small make up to introduce is about the automobile aspect of the large wheel hub really look so good? Is not a lot of people are not very understand, our people like to pay attention to what "atmosphere", so there are a lot of "big" buildings and goods, there are also a lot of people to increase the size of the wheel hub, feel will be more beautiful and full of power, let small make up the introduction of the big wheel hub really look so good?

The passat is also representative of the b-class, with a larger span of hub sizes. The 2017 passat offers a total of seven models with hub sizes of 16 ", 17 "and 18". Similarly, models with larger wheels have higher configurations and are more expensive than those with smaller wheels.

Visual impact

Big wheels are as good as they look

The above comparisons are all about models with different configurations of the same brand. In fact, the difference in hub size is more obvious across brands. In particular, the wheels of performance cars are generally very large. The two main reasons for this are that the wheels are large enough to accommodate larger braking systems (including brake discs and calipers), and the reduction of tire flattening (aspect ratio) for better handling, etc.

This makes the large wheel hub in people's impression is equivalent to performance, forming a potential aesthetic advantage, speaking of the large wheel hub will naturally think of the scene in the lead, in other words, the large wheel hub makes people confused.

Back to the average car. Space reserved the same car tyres are the same, given the visual balance, the output of the engine, the speedometer calibration (tire diameter will affect the speedometer calibration), interference of wheel rotates with body parts and chassis through sex, manufacturer ration of the tire outer diameter of the same models are basically the same (or small tires will become low lie prone), so big wheel tire wall will be a little narrow/thin, wheel hub boy tire wall will be a little width/thickness, so the rubber and metal can form different visual proportion. Of course, metal hub accounts for a large proportion of the body side vision will appear more lean, more fashionable.