What if the wheel is badly scratched?

2018-09-13 17:14

The wheel hub of the car can be bought in the car after their own modification, but many people do not know the size of the car wheel what difference? Big run is not fast, small make up today to introduce to you.

Automobile hub size: advantages

The support of big wheel hub is big and strong enough, the control sense of big wheel hub is also better, better in power transmission.

When the car passes the turning road, the tilt amplitude is small and it is easier to pass the turning. The larger the hub area, the stronger the support of the hub to the tire. The friction to the ground is more direct and the grip is easier to output from inside to outside, making the tire more stable.

Wheel hub distinguish true and false introduction: the brand is not where the road is asphalt road, all roads are very smooth, also will inevitably appear potholes. Car is a very important means of transportation. With the improvement of our living standard, more and more people buy cars. A lot of people buy the top with the model is not to the appearance of the body, but to the wheel, visible wheel charm. That next and electric state small make up together to see the wheel hub scratch deep how to do it.

What if the wheel is scratched deep -- step

Clean the hub first

Sometimes after the hub collision, most people do not care to observe, in order to facilitate the check of the car wheel scratches, scratch depth and whether the hub is fast fracture, first of all to clean the hub, if your hub is not broken and deformation, can repair themselves. After cleaning the wheel hub, dry it with a towel. After cleaning, clean the wheel hub with wax paper. If the cleaning is not clean, wash more times, otherwise it is difficult to clean.

Polished smooth

Because the wheel hub scratches are very hairy, so must be sandpaper smooth. First, rub the scratch with water on the sandpaper and polish it repeatedly until it is smooth. Then, apply the putty evenly. It can be applied several times, at an interval of 5-10 minutes, so that the putty can be fully dried. If it still feels a little hairy, you can continue to sandpaper until smooth.

Paint and oil

Finally is oiling and painting, such as applying the atomic ash after thoroughly dry, again will scratch grinding smooth, then use newspaper will tire part wrapped up, here in poker, just can get stuck, to buy the same as the original hub color paint to spray, every time a small amount of spray, spray several times, have to wait until after the last time the paint dry may continue to spray, this is done to avoid paint, finally, after waiting for paint dry on light oil, wheel hub will become as good as new.