Automobile wheel wheel scratch solution

2019-11-25 00:00

Comes with the increase of people's living standards, cars become necessary in our life gradually, almost every family has a car, but also because of his important, so we call it the car, the car care also has a lot of kinds, each kind of care, of course, is to make their car one feel like a new car, so if hub spent? Below small make up for everyone to introduce it!

How to scrape the hub of the car - introduction

The wheel hub of general car scrapes a flower is oneself reverse or turn to be easy to scrape in the side stone or wall, if be the other side scrapes you, this most direct convenience is to let the other side gives you compensation to repair can;

If oneself is scratched commonly, insurance is not cost effective, go with him so more, because do not affect to use, just affect appearance just, so what do not move is also a kind of method;

So if it is a new car, very care for their own car, you can go to the regular repair shop to do a wheel polishing, not serious polishing can be;

In order to facilitate the inspection of the car wheel, scratch depth, and whether the wheel is breaking, we will first clean the wheel. Park the car in a cool and ventilated place, do not need to remove the tire, directly wash the wheel hub with a wax mop, if you see the wheel hub out of the situation without fracture or deformation, then the wheel hub can be repaired.

1. Our first operation is to remove the wheels. This operation seems to be very simple, just to loosen the screw on the hub, but remove the screw order is exquisite. The wheel hub is a five-screw structure, which shall be removed in a diagonal sequence, which is equivalent to drawing a five-pointed star. This operation, from the theoretical point of view, the force of each screw will be more uniform, to minimize the screw and installation hole deformation.

2. Remove the new wheel hub from the packing box, place it carefully on the tyre dismounting machine and secure it, then you can start to put on the tyre.

3, "set" this operation seems to be simple, but when you look at the structure of the tire and touch the material of the tire, you will find that it is a rather laborious thing to put the tire on the wheel hub. Looking at the maintenance master that thin body plate, we also for him pinched sweat. See maintenance master first to the tire inside the brush vaseline, and then put the tire on the wheel hub, while stepping on the pedal to make the base rotation, with the help of the fork on the tire disassembly machine slowly tire on the wheel, while the tire edge pressure into the wheel hub.

4, in the process of a set of tires, maintenance master said to us while operating: "brute force is useless, the more violent hard set, the tires do not cooperate, must not be urgent. Having said that, it's no use doing the job with less effort. Let's take a look at shifu. He's already sweating. Although the maintenance man pressed the tire very carefully, the tire was still "naughty" : I thought it was covered for a while, but after turning the base, it suddenly popped out again and could only be pressed once more.

5, after the tire on the wheel, but also according to the standard air pressure to help the tire inflation, while inflation at the same time to check the tightness of the tire and the wheel. With the increase of pressure, the tire along the continuous extrusion, and the hub gradually fit, tire from time to time rubber rebound hub "bang" bang.

For hub deformation, do not think that this seems to be a trivial matter, but it is not. Due to the diversified environment used by automobiles, many automobile wheel hubs will be "out of roundness" (hub deformation). Usually, the deformation of automobile wheel hubs is caused by the driver's improper operation. Especially, automobiles often used in bad road conditions are more likely to have hub deformation.