How often is it appropriate to replace the car wheel

2019-11-25 00:00

Car hub is also an important guarantee of driving safety, do you know the wheel hub of your car (also become car hub) how often to replace the appropriate appropriate? What should you pay attention to when changing a tire? Below small make up with you to understand.

1. When should the hub be replaced?

If the hub such as bending, fracture or serious corrosion, and other phenomena, should be timely replacement of the hub. If the damaged wheel hub is not replaced, the tire will most likely slip from the wheel hub, or even the car out of control and other problems. But if it's just a scratch, it's not a big deal. If it deforms or falls down, you have to replace the hub.

2. Don't replace

Do not replace the wheel hub at will, if replaced at will, it will certainly damage the original factory data of the vehicle, after blind modification, not only the fuel consumption of the vehicle will rise, power and braking effect will be affected, so be careful to replace.

3. Look for a professional auto parts shop

To find a professional auto parts shop to replace the wheel hub, general owners change the wheel hub of the vehicle, more of the original wheel hub of the vehicle to larger, wider, to make full use of the advantage of wide tires, increase comfort and grip. But improper wheel hub will increase tire wear, bring hidden trouble to travel safety, the comfort of the vehicle driving will be greatly reduced, so, must find a professional auto parts shop replacement.

4. Requirements for wheel hubs

What kind of hub is good? Wheel hub by casting, forging, which also use lightweight materials, you can hit the hub, to the sound of crisp to simply judge the quality of the hub. At the same time, because the current market due to the wheel hub coated with related metal protection materials, to distinguish a lot of difficulties, a lot of car owners therefore suffer losses, so, here it is recommended that the owner in the selection of wheel hub to the first choice of well-known brands of the wheel hub. Hub sizes are concentrated in 12 "- 21", which is commonly used for 14 "- 17". Compared with the wheel hub made of iron, aluminum alloy wheel hub is light in weight, high in manufacturing accuracy, large in strength and low in inertial resistance when driving, which is conducive to improving the linear driving performance of the car, and the corresponding fuel consumption will be decreased. In addition, it is important to note that it is not the case that more hub strips equals more mass.

In fact, as long as pay attention to the daily maintenance, regular inspection and cleaning wheel hub attached to the oil, generally will not have what big problems. I hope the above Suggestions are helpful to the owners who want to replace the wheel hub, to avoid leaving any safety risks.