Notes for aluminum alloy hub upgrade

2019-11-25 00:00

Now the family car, or a part of the use of iron wheel hub, such as some low models, and is the spare tire, or more common iron wheel hub. But we all like aluminum wheel hub also know the good of aluminum, I will give you the popularity of aluminum wheel hub upgrade notice.

1. Size of hub

In order to improve the performance of the car and increase the wheel hub is the current hot upgrade, in the case of the same tire outside diameter, increase the wheel hub with wide and flat tires, can effectively reduce the car's lateral swing, stability is improved, like dragonfly water, lightsome skim over the curve. However, it should be noted that the flatter the tire, the thinner its thickness, the worse the vibration damping performance, comfort should make a greater sacrifice. Generally speaking, according to the size of the original car wheel hub to increase the most appropriate one or two.

2. Hub offset (offest)

This value is several times of the hub cross section center to the screw hole fixed reference, positive for the average rv, negative for a few vehicles and some jeeps. Say a car offest value of 40, if changed the aluminum wheel hub with 45, will be better than the original steel wheel into the wheel arch, the design, to vehicle steering wheel alignment angles, the original factory set value through design, usually gap offest values may lead to the tyres is not normal wear and tear, bearing wear easily, even high-speed blowout out of control, and other side effects, cannot inadvertent.

3. Shape of hub

The wheel hub with complex structure, dense is very beautiful indeed, appear class, but wash up too troublesome, contracted wheel hub is moved instead be full of feeling, clean and agile.

In addition, when replacing the aluminum wheel hub should determine whether the quality is reliable, it is best to pass the quality certification of the product, so as not to threaten the safety of driving because of the poor quality of aluminum wheel hub.

4. PCD value and hole position

Hole position refers to the number of locked nuts when the hub is fixed, generally 4 or 5 holes. The PCD value is the diameter of the circle formed by connecting these holes, so some hubs may have eight holes drilled to accommodate two different PCD values.